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O’Hara & Hunter Consulting will provide you with a QRC to assist you in your vocational rehabilitation process.  You have the right to select your own QRC.  The employer/insurer often assigns a QRC of their choice.  You may request a change of QRC up to 60 days from the filing of the Rehabilitation Plan (R-2) with the Department of Labor and Industry (DLI).  Even then you have the right to request a change of QRC, which must be agreed upon by all parties.

Vocational Rehabilitation Services

If you’ve been injured on the job, you may be entitled to a vocational rehabilitation consultation. If eligible, vocational rehabilitation services can help you return to work if your employer is unable to offer suitable gainful employment within the work restrictions assigned by the treating physician.

If you feel these services will be helpful, you may request a Rehabilitation Consultation at any time.


A QRC conducts a rehabilitation consultation to determine your eligibility for vocational rehabilitation services. If eligible, a rehabilitation plan is developed and services are provided to assist you in returning to suitable gainful employment. These services are provided at no cost to you.

Your rehabilitation plan may include such services as medical management and placement services to locate employment with a new employer. It may also include retraining, which is a formal course of study designed to return the injured worker to suitable gainful employment.


We can provide  individual evaluations and vocational analysis for workers’ compensation, LTD, Personal Injury, and Divorce cases.

We offer the following Vocational Rehabilitation services:

  • Medical case management

  • Transferable skills analysis

  • Vocational testing

  • Job analysis

  • Job seeking skills training

  • Resume preparation

  • Computerized job matching

  • Job development and placement

  • Labor market survey

  • Independent vocational evaluation

  • Expert testimony

  • Development of Retraining Plans

  • Employability Analysis

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