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O'Hara & Hunter Consulting is one of the best rehabilitation service providers in the state of Minnesota. Their staff is prompt, professional and courteous.

– Caroline Bell Beckman, Attorney

I had a great QRC from O'Hara & Hunter Consulting. She helped me cope with my frustration and her patience was limitless. She was genuinely concerned about my welfare and did a fantastic job.

– JoAnne, Former Client

My QRC took time to understand my point of view. She will never know how much her assistance helped me.

– Deeanna, Former Client

The services I received from O'Hara & Hunter Consulting were invaluable. My QRC gave me direction, as well as hope.

– Pamela, Former Client

The staff of O'Hara & Hunter Consulting are experts in guiding my clients, particularly those that are first responders, through the complicated process of their workers' compensation claim. When testifying, they are professional, organized and highly effective.

– Ronald Meuser, Jr., Attorney

I have nothing but praise for the work my QRC did in helping me with my successful return to full time employment. I really liked how helpful she was in communicating with my employer about my recovery. It took a lot of stress off me.

– Brett, Former Client

My QRC was a beacon of light in a dark storm. She always kept me going in the right direction with positive thoughts and words of encouragement.

– Lynn, Former Client

O’Hara & Hunter Consulting is an exceptional organization. I would highly recommend O’Hara & Hunter, and their staff to anyone that is in need of their services.

– Ken, Former Client

Without the services provided by the staff of O’Hara & Hunter Consulting, I never would have been able to obtain benefits [retraining] available to me.

– Paul, Former Client

I have always found the rehab consultants of O’Hara & Hunter Consulting to be extremely professional and helpful to our patients. They are knowledgeable, come well prepared, and are very effective at representing patients and employers in a very fair-minded manner.

– Dr. Donald Asmussen, MD

I have no idea how many clients my QRC has, but she always made me feel as if I was the only client she had. On the couple of occasions she was unable to make an appointment, another QRC would attend, and they were just as helpful and knowledgeable. My QRC helped keep everything in perspective and provided options for my future.

– Lynn, Former Client

My QRC was very beneficial to have at my appointments and asked questions I didn’t think of.

– Ann, Former Client

O’Hara & Hunter Consulting were an excellent, professional and helpful service for me at a difficult time. Their direction and guidance through a complicated process benefited me.

– Larry, Former Client

I cannot say enough about O’Hara & Hunter Consulting, specifically my QRC Alissa O’Hara. She was my rock when times were bleak, and kept me on track to recovery. I would not be where I am today, happy, healthy, employed, and positive about the future, without her and her team.

– Steven, Former Client

Over the past decade I have had the opportunity to interact with Angie Hunter and her associates in the context of the services they provide as Qualified Rehabilitation Consultants for injured worker's compensation patients.  During this time I have observed them to conduct themselves in all cases with the utmost in professionalism and compassion for the injured worker, treating their clients as whole people and helping them effectively navigate the often confusing worker's compensation system and return to as productive a life as possible.

– L. Pearce McCarty, III M.D.

Ms. O’Hara and her staff were extremely professional and easy to work with.  Dealing with work comp as an injured worker can be extremely difficult and frustrating.  Ms. O’Hara and her associates were always honest, kind and supportive through the entire process.  For that, I will be forever grateful.

– Laura, former client

The team at O'Hara and Hunter Consulting are professional, knowledgeable and effective communicators to all parties in what has become a highly complex system.  My clients are consistently grateful for the caring and outstanding service provided by O'Hara and Hunter.  I can recommend the services of O'Hara and Hunter for honest and thoughtful service for the Minnesota injured worker.

– Peter Ocel, Ocel Law Office, P.A.

We have been working with O’Hara and Hunter Consulting over the past few years. They have proven to be an efficient, reliable company and provide an outstanding service to our clients. We have had positive feedback from our clients regardless of who they are working with from O’Hara and Hunter Consulting. If our clients are happy, we are happy.

– Kim Barnes, Field Law

I have worked with Ms. Hunter for nearly 20 years.  Over those years I have worked both as a defense attorney and for the last 10 years representing injured workers.  I find Ms. Hunter to be an important participant of the vocational rehab process.  Ms. Hunter communicates exceptionally well and helps the parties work through various road blocks that may arise while working for the same goal; returning an injured worker to gainful employment.  Though this is not always possible, she explores all reasonable options.  I have also found her to be compelling in her testimony in court and believe Minnesota workers compensation judges find her credible.

– Thomas A. Atkinson, Attorney

Cecilia was so helpful to me in all the preparation to get back in to the workforce after leaving a job of 23 years. Very friendly & personable. Genuine care in helping me to get the resources I needed (computer training) as well as really listening to find the right plan for me. Easy to get ahold of with prompt response with any questions I may have or just to check in to see how I’m doing.

– Rebecca C., Former Client